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Andreas Bennetzen (Andy Benz), double bass player & composer


Here you can find & download some of my classical pieces.


The piece Work it!, is a difficult solo piece that I wrote with Jeff Bradetich in mind. The piece was adopted by Mattias Hanskov, young award winning classical double bassist and he has performed it on both Swedish TV & Radio. We captured him playing it in the church in Mittenwald. It´s pretty convincing.


You can also check a recording of me playing the piece at my Soundcloud profile.


I hope you find something to your interest and feel free to download & perform the pieces!


You can download my scores for free!

Use the Dropbox link at the bottom


You can perform the music if you like, you don´t have to ask me first. Even though I would be happy to hear about it!





Full Scores & parts

All photos by Mathias Vejerslev except when noted

Creative Commons, some rights reserved.


For now some scores are only available from ScoreExchange. I will get them available here hopefully sooner than later, but for now..