When I was studying classical double bass and jazz I got into the avantgarde and electronic music scene.

With the help of a major grant from The Danish Art Council in 2005, I got my hands on a Cetus Electric upright bass. The bass arrived one day before I had to perform on a televised show in Tivoli in my hometown, Copenhagen. Deeply fascinated by my first electric double bass there was no hesitation. It had to be tested in front of an audience of 2 million viewers, the next day. The 'test' proved very successful and the point of no return was reached. The possibilities offered by electric string instruments had to be explored full time.

Using a loop machine, multiple effects and the electric double bass I started creating and performing my own sound and music. I quickly became involved in other projects as a performer and musician. Crossing many styles of music, not out of an idea to mix, but from simply just playing the styles that I like and digg myself. It can be all from electronic to classical, from Rusko to Handel.

Besides playing in The Royal Orchestra and The Danish National Ensembles in the classical world, I have worked with: Bjørn Svin, Copyflex, Efterklang, Ane Trolle, Sort Sol, Pharfar, Al Linddrum, Nico DeFrost, Clemens, L.O.C, Revoltage, M4R, Fred Nukes and many, many others.

I am a founding member og Halfmachine, Illutron and Live art Installations artist collectives.

I released my solo debut album "Flowing in Circles" in june 2009 under the alias 'Andy Benz'.

The entire album was recorded live in the studio with a loop machine, electric double bass and an equalizer. My open approach to this grand old instrument and the seamless incorporation of modern technology, has earned me worldwide recognition and I have performed my music all over the world.

I am a member of the D´Addario Strings bowed family, an official Yamaha Silent Bass artist, member of The Danish Composers Society (DJBFA) & Danish Artist Union (Artistforbundet)


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